The election and misrepresentation

DISCLAIMER: I am attempting to write this on the eve of the election without letting any personal political affiliation seep through. Hopefully I can.

Dear Class and fellow voters,

Here in beautiful Ohio we are lucky to get the opportunity to experience pretty much every political ad imaginable, and this year it is the worse than it has ever been. With both sides spending unprecedented millions, through both campaigns and by third party PACs, and the audacity of the advertisements has reached historic proportions. I have the great pleasure of getting up at 6am everyday during the week, and at this time of day it is literally every commercial on: one side followed by the other side, both local and national races. I thought I had seen them all, but today I got to see these two amazing examples, and it made me think of things we have discussed in class.

Professor Jani has touched on the subject of perception several times in our discussions, usually in the contexts of the novels we are reading, but the related topic of representation and misrepresentation has also come up (e.g. the NewsWeek cover). The framing and of these two ads plays on people’s fears, prejudices, and insecurities in a back handed manner to serve a purpose other than the topics broached by the political campaigns. These are two, albeit horribly one sided, examples of how certain groups related to the presidential candidates are portraying their message while simultaneous juxtaposing their opponents to so-called enemies of the US—namely communist countries, one of which no longer exists. Watching either of these ads made me sick and sad about what has become of our election process. Both ads are applicable to many different topics we have covered in class, and appeal to the culture of fear we have been over inundated with for too long.

Please take a look and keep in mind that these are just two, in my opinion gross examples from one side. If you know of other gross representations from the other side, or any side, please post them. These are just the two misrepresentations I found troublesome, and I know there are more out there.    (it is the first video, top left hand corner, and listen to what is playing in the background, Gosudarstvenny Gmin SSSR)


A concerned citizen of Ohio/US (an aspiring global citizen)


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