East vs. West

While in class I thought I had a good grasp of what I wanted to write about for this assignment but now that I sit here I don’t know what to write about at all. A part of me feels like certain things are only important until time moves on and people begin to get back to the normality of their lives. I never really thought about the Indiana Jones movie that we watched in class that way before in regards to the diety that was used and how people actually do worship it and should be used respectfully.

When people use religious topics from cultures that don’t belong to them, I feel that great lengths should be taken to ensure that it’s accurate but not disrespectful. I feel like a lot of times it’s a very American thing where directors will use something like this without really thinking about what it looks like to a viewer. I’m sure that Lucas meant no harm in the movie but it was very eye opening talking about it in class and seeing it on film. I think that there are probably more movies where I can see things just like this happen throughout the film.



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