Accidental Racism is Still Racism

I feel I may have spoken out of turn during class about how in “Temple of Doom” the ‘best’ part was the chilled monkey brains scene. Not only was I ignorant of my own jabs towards the Indian people, but to consider something like that to be the ‘best scene in the movie’ seems terribly insensitive of me. For that, I apologize. When watching Ganghi, I couldn’t help but return to that moment in my head during class. I only got the chance to view the movie one time, but even then was enough. The numerous slurs cast at the titular character was…colorful to say the least. But they seemed to be fairly accurate to the time period (not that that makes it any better). In Jones it seemed to be there for the sake of comedic effect, not cultural sharing or whatever you would call it. In the “religious ceremony” scenes, they were used to cause fear, in the village scene, they are used to elevate Jones as the white hero. Nothing in the film appears to even try to get details right apart from language and maybe a few names. I’m not terribly versed on Indian culture (something that will likely change through this course), but you’re meant to cringe at these scenes I’m certain. And even though they were a product of the time (and the people) that made them, it’s not right.


Also, I never would have known that Mola Rom and Khan were both played by Amrish Puri. It’s such a striking difference of character to me.


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