Based on what the general population considers to be Oriental, could be a cause for a lot of questioning of its origins. The general census (or social understanding) of the people in America would consider Oriental Chinese, Japanese, and also Korean. But by definition, doesn’t Oriental come from the Asian decent? So wouldn’t it be more than just listed?

Trying to understand how another person categorizes a race that is foreign to them is like watching a child justify how candy has nutritional value; the person doing the talking only presents what is to their advantage. The “typical” person who doesn’t seem to show any type of understanding for another culture would show the reluctance in obeying how a culture is categorized. In the pursuit of creating a sequel to Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg and his crew failed to ask the fundamental question of why they are telling THIS story. If it is for the sheer entertainment, then at what lengths would they go to entertain the general population? If this movie was being made for any type of Indian cinema, would they have made this same exact movie? There had to be some type of thought through making such an exaggerated illustration that derived from the Indian culture. The problem is…that wasn’t the Indian culture. And for a person like myself, who is diligently learning more about that rich culture, pushes myself further to believing something that isn’t true. Subconsciously, being pushed towards a benighted path could easily be passed as “it’s just entertainment”, but it is that subconscious reference that leads to ignorance, and that ignorance which leads towards most not understanding nor wanting to understand what is Oriental and what is not.

What is being served as a good story starts to deliver something more severe in the long run, and sometimes there are people just looking to know what that something truly


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