Disability in Lagaan

I will say this is my second time watching this movie. I first watched this movie when I was quite young with my family.I remember I recalled it was good, and it was nice to watch after all this time. The message of cricket and nationalism is inspiring. My favorite scene in Lagaan is the introduction of Kachra onto the team. What I find interesting is the way the scene is set up. The  villagers look downward from the hill. At that moment we, the audience, relate to Bhuvan and see Kachra’s spin as instrumental to India’s success in the match. Yet, the onlookers look at Kachra in disgust. What I like about the scene is I remember when I initially saw this movie my family member, who was watching the movie with me,grunted  in recognition. I initially saw this movie when I was young so watching this years later, it resonated in different ways. This scene especially showed how the caste system is always a  challenge in India then and now. Bhuvan’s speech to convince his people to employ Kachra is inspiring, but it sticks.

The last thing I like about the scene and the movie, in general, is how it treats disability. The drummer and Kachra are never made fun of but instead, they are seen as important tools in India’s freedom. For example, when the drummer is introduced into the film he is seen from the temple steps. He looks at the clouds giving his people hope, which shows how much faith the village put in the disabled.


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