Gender and Sexuality

Is everything women do driven by male gratification? The film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, may suggest such. The whole thing kind of centers on the idea, actually. For one, Anjali wasn’t noticed sexually by her best friend, Rahul, their entire careers at college. But, at the end when she dresses feminine, wears makeup, and grows her hair out, he suddenly can’t take his eyes off her. I’m sure the transformation and their eventual love was supposed to be romantic, but I’m surprised she allowed his affection since it only seemed to stem from her appearance, and the fact he could no longer have Tina (since she unfortunately died).

This idea is also portrayed in the scene where the principal is yelling at some of the girls on campus for wearing short skirts, because they’re “trying to excite the boys.” Maybe the skirt was a gift or it made them feel confident. I don’t think “exciting the boys” was the sole reason for their wearing short skirts. In a more extreme reaction to this, it reminded me of how some people label rape victims as “having it coming,” because in their eyes they were dressed provocatively or flirted a little too much. We almost see women’s entire existence as revolving around male attention.


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