I feel that being a proud part of any community is something that isn’t wrong. The problem with being so proud of who you are as a community is that sometimes you aren’t willing to let others who don’t fit into your community, into your social circle. In the film Ghandi that we watched we saw people who were friendly throughout the entire movie almost turn on each other once India was going to be partitianed and seperated into different countries based soley on religion. It’s not a bad thing to have a sense of pride for the community or group you belong to but it’s a very fine line to walk when you talk about being proud of your group/community and being an exclusive group that doesn’t want change or different views and opinions.

I feel like Nationalism is something that can be good and bad. I feel like nationalism is something that can unite a group of people like it united the Indian peoples who wanted to end British colonization but it can also tear groups apart like we see in the Ghandi film. I wonder if we stopped grouping ourselves in this us vs. them mentallity, like we’ve talked about in class, if things would be easier and simpler to understand each other and our differences.




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