Nationalism (and getting away from the point)

I’m sorry this post will be much less exciting than last week’s, as I (unfortunately) missed class all last week. So, I read through everyone else’s posts and I feel I missed way more than I anticipated. Luckily, I’ve forced myself into a situation whereby if I do miss any more, I’ll suffer gradewise sooooo yeah. From what I’ve gathered there is a strong sense of nationalism going on in Kuch kuch, though I believe it is somewhat split. While it seems to emphasize the ethnic cultures of India, it also seems to rely very heavily on American values as well. I see this most in the flashback scene early in the movie, once Anjali turns eight and realizes her namesake. For one, this entire flashback plays like a scene out of Grease, musical number included. I’m not sure why the director chose to go this route, but it certainly made me more comfortable, if a bit confused watching it.

I also found (via our wonderful resource Wikipedia) an interview with the director, linked here where he states, “Most of our films, as you know, do not have stories. They just have sequences and songs and dances and tons of emotions coming at you. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a story.”  And coming in completely blind, that actually astonished me. I would have figured that telling a story would have been tantamount to a successful movie. I’m unsure if he was joking or if it is serious, but maybe I just need to see more Bollywood films, hence this class.

Ciao Dudes


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