Nationalism with Imagination

With the divisions of the different nations, and their culture that enriches their soil, there always seems to be pride that turns that division to oppression. In nature, there has always been a primal instinct to be the dominate species. In mankind, there is also a primal instinct to be the most dominate human that can break down from race, nationality, and even gender. The pride of loyalty to a nation deserves to be celebrated, but at the cost of someone else’s livelihood nationalism could cause severe destruction. Countries that have exaggerated resources tend to favor dominating other countries and other countries with different races of people. It is towards many different countries favor to educate the people who are not familiar with their culture. Gandhi created a non-violent movement that required for the oppressor to see the tragedies that they were creating. The results created a difference that kept evolving way past Gandhi’s time. Even after many deaths and lively sacrifices gave a new way towards looking how nationalism can be productive.

In Benedict Anderson’s The Nation as Imagined Community, he says, “what makes the shrunken imaginings of recent history (scarcely more than two centuries) generate such colossal sacrifices? I believe that the beginnings of an answer lie in the cultural roots of nationalism.” The solution lies in something that is also creating the problem. The systemic cultivation from nationalism that was built can also be deconstructed by the way that it was created, giving a whole new definition of peace. Pride for one’s country can uplift a community while giving respect and peace to all nations. Or is it all just imagined?


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