Romanticizing a certain culture and declaring a culture and its people as “exotic” is not as bad as acting like you understand the culture in its entirety through movies and media representations. These assumptions are what spewed I think Edward Said thoughts on orientalism from my understanding.  Orientalism in film is basically a false reality enforced solely by stereotypes of what a group of people might act like, dress and sound like. In the film Indiana Jones, I’m not too offended in the extra spirituality notions depicted in the film. Muslims and hindu’s alike are typically very spiritual people.  I don’t think overly religious notions are bad but extremism is, and that is shown and stressed in films and media which creates a social construct.  Films and media enforces the fact that the East is bad and the West is good, this “them Vs Us” is created, which divides people.  In films the East are always depicted as antagonist and painted as the big bad wolf.  They are bilingual and speak their language only to scheme and plot against the protagonist.  The protagonist are always the quintessential westerner with very European features such as blonde hair and blue eyes and wearing an angelic colors such as white or pastels. The kids in different cultures are depicted as loveable, funny and innocent and give off notions of wanting to be saved essentially from their weird and oppressive culture. Contrary to the adults where its “too late” for them to be saved in a sense.  Authenticity plays a big part when discussing orientalism.  Now I understand the importance of authenticity in regards to orientalism.  Without authenticity being established, one essentially gives a group of people agency to create an image of how a culture is perceived.  Movies and media alike inspire people to understand something that is false essentially but with executing the aesthetics of the culture and vibes, I can understand how it might seem as though.














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