“Feminism” in Bhumika

Knowing almost nothing about feminism it seems to be at its most basic form the advocacy for the equality of women.  Feminist want women to feel empowered and have the ability to stand up for what they believe in, even if that means opposing how others feel.  This is something that is accomplished in the film Bhumika.  When talking about feminism in this film we see several ways in which women are not equal to men, e.g. they’re inability to pursue acting without it being considered an immoral profession, etc.  So the films instances of women discrimination is noticeable and the main character is one who will not be persuaded by anyone.  Usha has confrontations with her mother and Keshav throughout.  The conflict that Usha is having with her mother is because of the notions that come with her profession.  Usha’s mother believes that she should not be an actress and does not approve of what she does at all.  Another thing she believes is that Keshav is not right for her daughter.  To be fair while watching the film I would have to agree with her, that is also Usha’s decision.  She decides who she will be with no matter how her mother feels about it.  Another time in the film when she decides what she will do with her life is after her daughter has been born.  At this time in the film she was the main provider for her family and Keshav wants this to remain.  After Usha’s daughter is born she no longer wants to be a part of this indecent profession.  The main point that I am trying to reach is that no matter what situation our main character finds herself in it is unlikely for her to be  coerced into doing, or not doing something that she does or does not want to do.  She is is independent in the sense that she will not be passive in the choices that affect her life, and she will stand up for herself.  She is a strong female character and the film portrays that largely.


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