Sexuality & Beauty in Mirch Masala

Watching Mirch Masala really resonated with me sexuality in a different light.  Even though the women were performing traditional gender appropriate duties so to speak and essentially doing nothing wrong. The women weren’t going against the grain aside from her taking her daughter to school.  In the movie we saw that her beauty is what started everything.  It is almost a “your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t” kind of thing. The second that she slapped the guy, is when we saw that the infatuation took on a different more violent route whilst still wanting to be with her. The more the movie progressed the more we hated the antagonist.  That was solidified by the abundant use of the b-word and possessive nature about him, amongst other things like him being completely unreasonable.  I think that was very much intended and what carried the film. There was definitely a message in this film to women about sexuality.  In the film I didn’t see anyone trying to be “hot” like he mentioned, that’s why it was so clever that the movie ended with hotness thrown in his eye. I like the irony in that and it says a lot. I can see why feminist grew fond of this film.  Women aren’t throwing themselves at men with their sexuality and that’s that. The topic of beauty and sexuality will always be an issue.


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