So Close but No Cigar

Mirch Masala contained the perfect example of a person who genuinely meant well but just really missed the mark. The time where this stood out the most was when the townspeople were having the meeting to decide how to handle the situation with the woman, and the man who was in favor of standing up for her called the other men women for not being braver. This scene seemed very ironic, and I couldn’t really tell if it was meant to be taken that way or not. I think this sort of scenario is extremely common in the real world. Whether it’s the person saying that they “don’t see color” or a man who supports gender equality but rips on “those crazy feminists.” A lot of times statements that are seen by the person saying them to be fairly innocuous can actually be pretty bigoted.
The way people handle situations like this is, to me, is just as frustrating as the situations themselves. I think too many times people jump on other people for saying things like these without taking into account the person’s intent. I’m not saying phrases like this should be ignored, but there’s certainly a better way to correct someone than talking down to them or scolding them like a child. When people treat someone disrespectfully for making a statement they view as ignorant, they are just stooping to that person’s level. Yelling at someone for something they said will just make them defensive. If people are approached in a respectful manner, they might actually see why the thing they said is misguided and change their way of thinking.


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