Divisions in Slumdog Millionaire

In the movie Slumdog Millionaire we see the character Jamal as he is on his journey to winning a great deal of money on a game show.  As we see throughout the film he comes from a very poverty stricken background, yet is able to answer multiple questions correctly that no one would have previously thought he could.  In the broadest of explanations we see people who are higher up in the ranks that are convinced that Jamal is cheating.  To them it is impossible that this young underprivileged character would know the answers to the questions given.  This film contrasted the nationalist principles that we have seen in other films.  Take Lagaan for example.  In this film we see Indian versus British factions.  It is country vs country in a played out game which represented aspects of events that transpired.  One thing that happened in Lagaan is when Bhuvan is getting scolded for “speaking for all the villages”.  Then we see Bhuvan’s people stand up and defend him.  Eventually they come together and beat the British and the tax is expunged for a few years.  The division in this film is very nationalistic while the division in Slumdog Millionaire is much more split by class systems and ranks.  One part of the the film that shows this is when we see others who are less fortunate just like Jamal cheering him on.  Even though they will gain nothing from him doing great and making a good deal of money, they root for him.  They are aware of how divisions work in their society because they are living it.  They know that the higher ups do not care much about what happens to them and Jamal’s success can give them hope in a way and show them that anything is possible.


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