Family Name, Khan’s Gang

The equation of money and power have been debated over many different groups throughout many different continents. It has been said that money gets you power. In the 2012 movie “Gangs of Wasseypur”, gave a great surface level analysis on what it means for people to have that power.

The first level would always be to identify what is important to you. In all classes, of all races, family and religion seem to designate with all. Even people who do not believe in any religion seem to base their faith heavily on not having one, which lends an emphasis on it, still. In the movie, the main character, Sardar, had a father that was from a lower class Muslim family. He was very ambitious and hardworking, willing to do anything to secure something for himself and his future family he was trying to create. In the midst of raising his son (with the death of his wife because of childbirth), Sardar’s father was killed by an up and coming business lord who was as ruthless as him. As Sardar grew up, his vengeance for his father controlled his life. Power blinded what greatness that was in front of him: his children, his wife, and even loyal partners/followers, destroying all of their lives around him.

Culturally, with women not having the proper independence as they should, left Sardar being able to hop from any woman as he pleased without having any true repercussions. The major repercussion starts to bleed down to the very lives he helped created. The men who followed Sardar along with Nagma and Durga, fell under Sardar’s power and in return it destroyed a lot of their lives physically and mentally. Greed caused extortion and other things for Sardar. In return, it created more enemies for Sardar and his family.

In this movie, neoliberalism was the cause for a lot of power that was gained and lost with Sardar’s greed for revenge. In the end, Sardar was brutally attacked by the same people he was trying to destroy for his father’s vengeance. For three generations of the Khan Family became victim to the same thing that gave them their name.


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