Gangs of Wasseypur

In Gangs of Wasseypur we see a story of power obtained through wealth and through force. This movie shows us the different ways in which people obained their power throughout the movie. This movie is shown through the eyes of Ramadhir Singh who has power over the police and can get anything he wants. He achieved his wealth when India gained it’s independence from the British. He is so cheap that he only pays his employees or gives them a place to stay and food. He doesn’t do both. It’s these injustices that lead Shahid Khan to speak up for equality for workers and he was killed for it. The power can only keep power as long as the people do nothing. When Khan spoke up he was killed for it.

His son Sardar becomes a low level thug and wants revenge for his father’s death but for me this is where the show/movie turns for me. After the robbing of trains and buying/selling weapons, Shahid decides he just wants to blackmail people rather than risking the weapons and train robbing. Throughout the show Shahid takes very little notion to what his actions are doing to his family and he’s doing all of these things to obtain a life that he was fighting in the first place. In the end I thought it was justice almost that Shahid was shot. He wanted to revenge his father’s death but while doing so forgot what his father died for.


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