Low Class

In Gangs of Wasseypur, one of the most telling scenes, as far as it relates to class, was the opening scene from episode 3. This was the scene where the kids trick the ice cream man and steal the ice cream. Basically the whole series pushed the idea that in order to get ahead you have to steal and win by any means necessary. It seemed like they were saying that you either take what you want or be exploited. This theme reminded me a lot of Slumdog Millionare. While Gangs of Wasseypur may have shown a little bit more of what could be considered middle class, neutral characters, it still had about the same outlook on class as a whole. With both films there seemed to be the idea that the only way to get ahead in India is through nefarious means. I honestly have next to no knowledge on India, so maybe these works show real problems, but I think that they both strongly reinforce a lot of Western stereotypes about India. The one positive about Gangs of Wasseypur is that the characters were a lot more complex than in Slumdog Millionare. This really made the whole outlook on class a lot more forgivable.


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