Slumdog Millionaire

This was a kind movie, which showed what the perseverance of a lower class kid who had nothing made for he tries to push through. The main character, Jamal, was put in a hard situation of crime and poverty that tested his character. The movie had all of the right elements to make an interesting and intriguing movie.

Even though there isn’t a dramatic character arch, the relationship dynamics are beyond fascinating. Jamal and his brother growing up without any true parental guidance and how they came up together, then watching how different they turned out the older they got gave depth to these character. Here are two boys that share similar hereditary traits but their decisions molded who they became as young men.  The character, Latika, also grew up with the two brothers and became more helpless because of her situation.

Latika turned to a life of prostitution, Jamal’s brother turned to a life of crime, and Jamal left doing petty crimes and joined the legit working class. All of them still somewhat being interconnected, this story turned from a struggle story that butterflied into a love story. There were so many layers of different stories that gave the story of the slumdog Jamal a true triumph story. I would recommend anyone who likes a solid character story to watch this film.


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