Slumdog Millionaire Perspectives

Slumdog millionaire has always been one of my favorite movies and I have seen it countless amount of times, therefore when I saw it on the sylabus I was quite pleased.  While I almost know this movie line for line now and could have easily wrote a blog post without seeing it again, I’ve never been one to cut corners and decided that this time over I would really try and notice the little things in this movie that make it great.  We’ve talked in class about the way that camera angles, different perspectives, and music play key roles in the production of films and this movie does a very interesting/great job using these tools.

Throughout the movie the viewer sees flashbacks of Jamal’s childhood and in these scenes it shows, not only how Jamal knows the answers, but also how Jamal, Latika, and Samir grow into adults in different ways.  In these flashbacks if you carefully pay attention you can see the importance of the background music and camera angles on where the plot line is heading.  With the music and different perspectives you can slowly see their relationships falling apart and going in different directions. While this unique camera work and background music play a key role in the production of this film from scene to scene, there is one scene in particular that caught my eye.  When Jamal sees Latika in the train station for the first time in a long time, the camera slows down, the voices fade out and gentle music starts playing when they finally see each other.  It’s as if all the memories from their childhood and the feelings that they had for each other all come rushing back in that one scene.  This becomes apparent to the viewer because of the way music and camera angles were used.  Then, as soon as the music speeds back up, she has to run away.  While this was one particular scene that I used for example, there are many more scenes where camera angles and music played a key role in depicting the scene.  Some scenes use these tools to show a seperation of class and even gender.  I was just wondering if any of you guys can think of a scene where the use of camera angles and music shows these seperations?


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