Slumdog’s Forced Independence

Slumdog Millionaire highlighted a social issue that is also prevalent in U.S. culture. There seems to be a rocky relationship between law enforcement and lower class citizens. We are introduced to this relationship when the police are seen chasing a group children off by yelling obscenities. With this tactic, the policemen come off as as unprofessional and scattered. This conflict probably stems from a long history of mutual disrespect. Jamal and Salim start mocking the police during mid-pursuit by grabbing themselves and laughing in their faces. The police seem to get back at them later, when the village is being attacked and they ignore the issue by continuing to play their card game. Even going as far as to tell Jamal and Salim to “piss off” when they ask for help, after just witnessing their own mother’s murder. It’s almost a ludicrous game of tit for tat, but it’s grown men versus little boys.

We are seeing this currently in America with campaigns like #blacklivesmatter, that focus heavily on police brutality and a cultural distrust in the law.  Does society no longer view law enforcement as a symbol of protection? Instead, have they become the uniformed enemy?


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