The Missing Middle

Well I guess I should start out by saying that I really enjoyed Slumdog Millionare. I think it had a great plot and Jamal was an amazing character. That being said, one thing that stood out that was kind of interesting was the lack of any middle ground characters. Economically and morally there were very few characters that stood in the middle. As far as “good” characters it was basically just Jamal and his friends. You could maybe make an argument for Salim representing the moral middle, but other than that there were just a lot of awful characters. Economically it was even more cut and dry. Basically the only two groups of people that it showed were people who were starving or living on the streets or morally bankrupt, wealthier people who exploited other people for their money. I understand that it’s just a movie and it’s not always convenient for the plot to show a diverse group of people, but I think that in cases such as this it should be made more of a priority. This kind of just played into the stereotypes about India and with the lack of mainstream films centered on India, this can actually do a lot to reinforce these stereotypical beliefs. Coming from a British director I think this is slightly inappropriate. I still enjoyed the film and would probably watch it again, but this did do a bit to tarnish it for me.


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