Bombay really struck me as a film, maybe the most of any that we have watched thus far in the class. I was not aware that such hate existed between the Hindus and the Muslims until this class. I know that the movie is over twenty years old and that things could be different now, or they could be the same. Obviously I haven’t studied either of these topics, but the movie makes it seem like it is a completely huge deal, and clearly something I should have known about before now.

While watching this film, I was trying to think of a way I could relate the themes back to our own American culture. I thought about African Americans marrying whites, and in current day I understand that this is not as big of a deal as it used to be. Then, I thought of someone who was Catholic falling in love with someone who is Jewish and wanting to be married. The parents of each of these people would probably strongly disagree with the decision, but if the two really loved each other, they might run off to Las Vegas and have a  fast wedding without any family being present.

What is different, though, about the story from Bombay, is that it is likely that the parents of the Jewish and Catholic children would not have threatened to kill each other and kill each other’s families, as did the fathers in Bombay. When traveling to visit their children, the Catholic and Jewish parents wouldn’t have been killed themselves because of their religion.

I do not know the current relationship between the Muslims and the Hindus in India, but if the relationship is still any like that in the movie, the country is probably very dangerous. I’m thankful this movie made me realize the differences in the seriousness with which we practice religion in America vs. other countries.



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