Diaspora in”The Namesake”

Diasporic communities exist all over the world in most urban populations.  Each and every day, in a city like Columbus, one can see evidence of diasporic communities.  For example, most of the Indian resturaunts I have seen on campus are all located within a short distance from each other on the north side of campus.  But why do these diasporic communities exist?

I believe that “The Namesake” shows many different examples in the film as to the reasoning behind these communities existing.  Moving to a new country is never easy, especially when it’s halfway around the world.  You’re leaving behind all of your friends, family, and everything you had previously known and starting a new life in another country.  At the beginning of the movie, Ashima has problems adapting to the change.  The easiest way for her to try and fit in was to become friends with people she related to.  At the end of the movie you can see all the people who she’s became friends with over the years and they were mostly people of the same background as her.  But over this time she has grown to love this country that she moved to and through the diasporic community of South Asians in New York she was able to start a new life and make new lifelong friends.  I believe that these communities exist because people of the same ethnicity and faith are all going through the same struggles making it in America and its easier to do it together than alone.


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