Idenity & love

When I went to Africa I was often asked to show my ID by security personnel which I was fine with.  Then my uncle uttered the term “diaspora” and told me to tell them that and they’ll leave me alone.  Basically it let me know that once I leave a certain place for a while I’m no longer apart of that particular community.  It got me thinking am I considered a “diaspora” in the U.S as well. It was bizarre having a culture shock within my own culture. Identity and coming of age is one of there recurring themes in films such as Mississippi Masala and Namesake; though identity and coming of age is different in different cultures when dealing with intended audience vs implied audience.  The conflicts that Gogol and Meena went through are the struggles that most dual identity hybrid persons go through. Sometimes I forget that I am Somali or sometimes I don’t American enough to actually feel like I belong. Certainly those differences were highlighted on my trip to Africa.  Bombay also is an interesting film and it resonates a lot with the history and what is going on currently. The love connection between a hindu and muslim person was brilliant.  though people are often nationalists and nationalism has every bit to do with marriage and its sad.  its intended message is that basically love wins. Religion is a key component to ones identity there’s no getting around that but racism is of any kind is not needed.  For me its sad when I see families getting in the way of two Peoples happiness because that person isn’t from a particular culture.


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