Relationships in Mississippi Masala and Bombay

The relationship aspects in Mississippi Masala and Bombay are both transnationalistic.  In Mississippi Masala we see Meena and her family and their experiences moving to Mississippi. After moving this displaced family tries their best to accommodate their new living quarters.  During the film Mina falls in love with Demetrius who was a black man.  Her father in particular does not approve of their relations and even blames for happenings saying “you’ve cause enough trouble”.  Another aspect I found interesting in this film was Meena being mistaken occasionally for being Mexican.  Characters seemed almost surprised in the film when discovering that Meena was Indian.  At one point she was even asked how she ended up in Mississippi.  Bombay also had a similar theme throughout.  In this film Shekar and Shaila are in a relationship, but their parents also do not approve.  While the thrilling ending in Bombay was much different than Mississippi Masala the struggles on the parents part was similar.  At the end of Bombay we see the parents who disapproved of their kids’ relationships work together to save the ones they care about.  The transnationalism in Bombay seemed to me to be much greater.  While the parents did not approve of their relationship, and it took a tragic event to pull them together, I believe they ended up realizing that even though Shekar is Hindu and Shaila is Muslim that their love for one another was more important.  These coming together style films are made to represent a broad and cliche message that even though people may not be the same ethnicity, religion, etc.  That we are all still people and no matter how different we believe we are from others, the differences may not be that sizable.


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