Final Thoughts on the Class

This class has really opened my eyes on a lot of things, but I think my biggest take away is the idea that we have so much in common with cultures that before seemed so different to me. This sounds like some sort of obvious, cliché, all humans are the same type of idea, but I definitely have gained a new appreciation for just how universal so many ideas are. I think the thing that makes this stand out the most to me is the problems we’ve discussed in class. So many of the issues that we discussed in terms of India could also be applied to the United States. Whether it had to do with education or class inequality, all of the problems that India has/had are also issues here. They might not always be completely the same. Different problems might be better or worse in different places, but for the most part people want pretty similar things.

Class inequality was one area that stood out to me in particular. There seems to be this idea that India is so unfair to the lower class. All people think about is the caste system and the lack of economic mobility. This may be true, but it’s not like we aren’t being faced with the same sort of problem here. The wealth inequality in the United States is astounding and it’s only growing. We always like to think that problems like this are just things people in other countries have to deal with, but really we’re not so different. So many perceived differences are just imaginary divides. For the most part people all want the same things.


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