Bombay’s Strength During Political Strife

I think one of the strongest messages I took from Bombay, was that family will always be able to overcome obstacles. We see this when Shekhar and Shaila’s families were able to set apart their religious differences and come together during dangerous times. The Hindu vs. Muslim fighting and the political strife it caused with the killing of innocents, burning of buildings, and social collapse was what allowed Narayana and Basheer to finally agree on one thing: Family is the most important thing. This was sort of a contradiction from the beginning of the film, when the two father’s believe their religious differences almost made them different creatures. Basheer even says, “Our blood is different then Hindu’s.” We are able to see when Basheer stops believing this to be true, as he saves Narayana when a group of Muslims cornered him and the twins with knives and threatened their lives. Without the political circumstances or the birth of their grandsons, I don’t think this unity would have been possible. So, I guess even in difficult times with extreme pressures, the test against the unit of family will stand strong.


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