Diaspora and Transnationalism

The idea of a Diaspora is interesting to me. I think of how, why, and what happens to a community of individuals that is displaced to an area outside of their native region. When we look at the Indian American diaspora we see a small (1% of population) that is successful in comparison to other immigrant communities. My own father is part of a Nicaraguan/Latino diaspora in Detroit Michigan. He traveled to the United States as a child during the Nicaraguan civil war and has since become an American himself. What I find interesting about this is the transformation that this immigration has on the community of people around that region and the people themselves. I can tell you that part of the latino diaspora  is heavily embedded and maintained by the similarities of food and religion. In Detroit there is even a town called Mexican town and is heavily concentrated by latin Americans who own a ton of restaurants and stores. It is known for the authentic Mexican cuisine and many of the people only speak Spanish and have immigrated to the U.S only recently. I find this is in comparison to the Indian diaspora that is known for its Indian food to many Americans and its Hindu religion. What I find although the culture has slightly changed for my dad, he still tightly hangs on the the traditions of the past. It is almost like a nostalgic idea to think of his homeland and this nostalgia drives him to think of his homeland with passion and love. I would think that many Indians view India in the same way and hold on to india in this nostalgic manner. Just like mexican town, I imagine there are communities of Indians that hold tightly onto their traditional food and religious identity


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