Gang Politics

I noticed politics show up the most in the Gangs of Wasseypur series. Powerful characters often increase or show off their power in the show by running for office (like Ramadhir Singh) and by having connections with the government by controlling the police and businesses. The gangs run their own districts like mini kingdoms, with men like Ramadhir Singh and Sardar Khan as the kings who run business, tax others (albeit illegally), enforce their own justice like when Sardar forces one of the rapists to marry his rape victim, engage in alliances and truces like when Ramadhir teams up with the Qureshis against the Khans or when Danish tries to stop violence between the Qureshis and the Khans by marrying Shama Parveen, Sultan’s sister. Although they are criminals, the characters still have to navigate politics, which shows that politics is important and pervades most aspects of life, even among gangs and their wars and territories. Could the show be implying that politics are everywhere as stated, or does it imply that politics are immoral and corrupt by associating an extreme version of politics and its ugliness with immoral and corrupt characters? Politics is about a play for power, and Gangs is all about characters fighting for the most power.


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