Slumdog Millionaire

I think this film mimics a good chunk of history and lets us see the view points of Muslims regarding the partition through the characters Salim and Jamal. The people not believing Jamal has enough knowledge to win highlights the fact a little bit of what we went over in class about politics in knowledge.  People seem to believe that a certain race or culture cant amount to such high levels of intellect which highlights how stereotypes and microaggressions have really propelled not just in the story world of the film but in society today.   In one part of the film, Jamal says “if it wasn’t for ram and Allah, we’d still have a mother”.  I think its interesting for him to use the god the represents hinduism and use the god the represents Islam in the same sentence.  its represents an individual who is accepting and embracing of both aspects of their dual identity.  I haven’t watch this film until now but I can pick up notions of mainstream movie embedded in the film.  The intertextuality with the popular game show “who wants to be a millionaire”, the artist MIA on the soundtrack, you can tell its European founded , it was a good box office film that grossed a lot of money.  It was very Bollywood but western at the same time.  Nice balancing of worlds as the film progressed.


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