The Namesake

For my open topic I wanted to talk about The Namesake and the way it heavily centered on family dynamics. The main character, Gogol/Nick, is embarrassed through most of the film by his parents and is almost resentful that he is Indian and comes from immigrant parents. Instead of appreciating the sacrifices his family made so he could live a good life, he constantly disrespects them or doesn’t acknowledge their love and affection. He was super ungrateful, and even when his father asked for one thing, just to check up on his mother from time to time since she would be alone, he chose not to do so. This comes back to bite him when his mother repeatedly tries calling him to inform him of his fathers death, but he’s “too busy” vacationing. His mom had to handle the news of the death alone with no support from her children.  It saddened me that Gogol only learned to appreciate what he had until it was gone.


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