Bollywood= Cool

I think i’m the only somali person that prior to this class wasn’t really into Bollywood.  In fact it was not until this class that i even paid attention to this particular phenomenon/genre. I’m actually not even a movie person at all. Everyone that is into Bollywood in my world was very much a romantic and pretty much love-sick.  I saw that as a bad thing and never cared for Bollywood. Even American films, I would say I watched the Notebook maybe once and thought it was too long as oppose to my friends who have seen it 10+ times.   However I cant deny the similarities between my culture and the hindu culture and it was fun learning first hand the material.  Even watching the films I caught similarities in language ( Ha meaning yes and laakin meaning but { although laakin is an arabic word}). I’ve seen more and more somali women wearing saari’s to their weddings now which is cool.  I think its timeless, beautiful and very well-tailored. I don’t think ive seen a woman looking hideous in a saari ever, regardless of race; it compliments the woman’s body, it executes the covered not really covered look.  I now know that Bollywood is much more than singing and dancing and romance though every film has to have some sort of romance in order to propel other emotions, where there is love there is grief, with love alone you can distinguish who the bad guy and the good guy is.  The antagonists always has that vain love where women are subjected in order to heighten that disgust factor, its kind of cool how films do that, its like the directors go “let’s make women mad”. Ultimately for someone who never got into Bollywood, I think its very entertaining and much more in-depth narratively than we think.


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