Class overview

Overall I really enjoyed this class and the format that it was presented.  Being a biology major most of my classes are just sitting in class taking notes and this was a nice change of pace.  I believe that having the class discussions that we did helped us better grasp the topics presented and let us form our own opinions.  After taking a couple of these classes i have been able to view movies and shows in a different way than i previously have.  Instead of taking these films at face value I believe it is important to ask questions as to why they are presenting it to us how they are and try and find underlying messages throughout the films.  Everything from camera angles to the background music has a reasoning behind it and being able to pick up on these is truly important to understanding a film.  In the end, one of the most important things to take out of this class is to be able to not take everything at face value.  These topics that we have learned can be evident in everyday life even in Columbus.  To wrap things up I really enjoyed our class as a whole this semester and think we came a long way in six short weeks.


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