Politcs and Film

While watching movies I’ve always been the type of person that looks for some hidden message or to try and find things going on in the background that perhaps other viewers might miss. Saying that, I realize that political messages are in movies at times where we might think there are none. Take a movie like the second Captain America move Captain America: Winter Soldier. Throughout the movie Captain America is fighting the Winter Soldeir but he’s also fighting with Robert Redford’s character because Redford wants to launch a program that would monitor and keep tabs on every person on the planet. When I first watched this movie I didn’t really think anything about it but now it seems to me as a message that complete power and control should never be given to one person/group because things like this can happen.

There are times where movies don’t have the intent to have a political message but other times they do. In Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, we have a movie that is very clear about it’s politcal message on guns – they are bad. I will not say in agreement or disagreement my stances on the movie but when it came out I remember the conversations that were had as a result.

In closing I’ll say that movies, whether intentionally political or not, have the power to not only say what they want, but also to get people to start having conversations about topics they might not otherwise have. It’s a shame that in this country we only seem to talk about the major issues when a tragedy like the Orlando shootings happen. Perhaps more movies need to convey a message in order to get people to actually think about all sides of an argument.


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