Politics in Cinema

I’m happy that one of our last blog posts is about politics in cinema because I really think it ties together everything that we have been learning in class so far.  This topic really makes us look further into movies than we previously would have.  I believe our class discussion and movie examples really shows that we have learned a lot in this short six week period.  This helps us really analyze films and dig deeper into the subliminal meaning behind films.  I really liked the fact that animated movies were brought up in class.  In these movies its interesting to see how politics are present even though the average viewer might not see it.  In class i brought up the movie “The Lion King” because i believe it shows a form of underlying dictatorship.  While this might seem like a far stretch i truly do believe that politics are represented in this movie.  There are many examples of this in the film but overall one can see how politics is represented.  The movie is centered around the fight for leadership of the animal kingdom and the lengths one would go to to ensure this pursuit of power.  Every day in this country people are pursuing this fight for power and it is not always done in the most ethical of ways.  I am really interested in other peoples input and possible examples of politics in this movie or other animated movies similar to this.



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