Politics in Cinema

Its funny how we watch films so nonchalantly and these films demand thought in every single aspect of the film.  I tend to read texts and pick out the political standpoint or the satire rather quickly more than films.  Its a habit that society has built for us.  Entertainment is key like someone said in class. The way we watch films says a lot about us as a society. These directors feed off of fans and normally don’t go against the grain.  The demand for paranormal and YA end of the world dystopian films that are heavily surrounded by pop culture–is what society thrives off of.  I feel like the political notions in cinema are subtle for that reason, people don’t want to think. Escapism is generally the rule of thumb with projecting these box office films. I think if directors did care about the greater good of the people they would stop making foreigners the antagonist in films and stop using guns as a cool thing.  Its actually sick that we cheer on the death and dying of these antagonists.  This eye for an eye revenge/retaliation is unknowingly taught in films. Maybe thats a political agenda in and of itself. However I still want the Lannisters dead lol.


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