Politics Is Cinema

My true belief is that every great story has some form of politics in it. When stories were created way before cinema ever existed, there was “something” to be taken away from a story. In order for someone to genuinely be entertained, it has to have substance that can instantly be applied back to the audience’s reality. We are cerebral characters, and the stimulation has to be there, whether it is the plot that has that something, or the story structure has that something, there is always more to a story than entertainment. That “something” is social commentary, politics, or an education tool. I would dare to say they are synonymous when dealing with film.

From every film that we watched in class, there was some form of those 3 “somethings”. Gandhi was a film about a great leader’s life, but even in telling his life story, there was his life’s mission he was fighting for being taught to the audience. In Gangs of Wasseypur, it was an entertaining crime movie that pushed a lot on class roles and gender roles. Even something as mainstream as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had pushed for a type of social commentary on a very broad level with gender.

No matter what film or story it is, there is always some type of gem to be taken away from a film. The question is: are you just going to be entertained, or are you going to find that gem?


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