Final Thoughts

In class I mentioned that without the English Departments’s diversity requirement I likely would not have taken a class outside my British literature comfort zone. While I dearly love my old dead white dudes I can honestly say I wish I had branched out much earlier. I’ve so much enjoyed getting acquainted with another culture, and I genuinely want to continue learning about it.

In class we also mentioned the hinderances we had when it came to discussion, while I know at times I was held back by awkwardness, it was great to talk about semi-sensitive subjects and get to hear opinions and experiences far different from my own. This happens in many English courses but I think I can go as far as saying that in this class everyone was at least a bit outside their comfort zone, and it was a bit frightening at times, but it was also so much for insightful and educational than several other courses I’ve taken in my time as an English major.

Overall I really enjoyed the class, like everyone else my own complaint is that it was so short. Regardless I learned so much about a culture I knew nothing of, I fell in love with the music, and the richness of society and culture, and honestly the women’s clothes and jewelry was just stunning. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m glad I’ve been exposed to so many new films, Bhumika is a new favorite, and watching The Namesake has lead me to a new favorite book. Thanks for an awesome miniature semester, everyone, I hope we all enjoyed it.


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