“Disgrace” Presentation for Friday 11/9

Hey everyone, I am not going to post my presentation on the blog. Instead I am going to print a hand out for everyone and pass them out on Friday. That way, no one will be straining their eyes, turning in weird ways to see the screen, and no one will have to stand at the computer and scroll. I’ve done it in other classes and everyone seems to like it. I can always put it up later. Plus, I don’t think many people look at the blog before class anyways, so it won’t matter either way.

My presentation will largely be over the role of religion in the novel; I have a theory about the book I want to explore that relies heavily on the religious aspects of the novel which are plentiful and almost obnoxious. I will also further explore the idea of disgrace and how it relates to David’s sexual disorder (presumed) and gender, and the weird allusions to German throughout the novel (I’m also a German major, so I had to jump on that as well.)

I have to say, out of all the books thus far, I think this has been the most loaded with language and challenging and I couldn’t put it down.